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BREAKING NEWS: The World God Only Knows Gets Anime Adaptation!
TWGOK Anime AnnouncmentThe title says it all. In chapter 94 of the popular manga written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki, it was announced that they will be getting an anime adaptation.

We will have more news when it is available.

[Ringtones Dump #2] Makka na Ito, Bodaiju
yellow determined
I bear a few gifts for everyone - ringtones cut from songs from some well-known Hetalia MADs, such as Makka na Ito from a heartwarming HREChibitalia/GerIta MAD and Bodaiju from a beautifully-drawn JapanTaiwan MAD (sorry, I don't know the names of the MADs themselves x.x).

Note: All ringtones are 30ish seconds long, give or take a few seconds, and are in .mp3 format.

[1] Makka na Ito
[1] Bodaiju

here @commascollide 

Enjoy and comment if you like!~

[Ringtones Dump #1] Miku, Luka, GUMI, Rin, Utada, Sakamoto Maaya
miku love is war
Got (mostly Vocaloid) ringtones here~ They're around 30-40 sec long and are in .mp3 format.

[2] Megurine Luka: Just Be Friends, JBF - "Friends" is What They Say MIX
[3] Hatsune Miku: Love is War, Love is War R184mm Remix, The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
[1] Kagamine Rin: Regret Message
[1] GUMI: Campanella
[1] Utada Hikaru: HAYATOCHI-REMIX
[1] Sakamoto Maaya: Ame ga Furu


Enjoy and comment if you like!

Oh noes!
jojo, Jotaro, Star Platinum
Hi guys, SuzakuSama from the leetneet forums here. Is this comm dead or what?

Mods and staffers, please pimp this out. Looks like a dying fish here.

Interested parties, please visit the forums and join!

I cannot guarantee Jotaro and Star Platinum will ORAORAORAORAORAORA you into oblivion if you don't!

Hello y'all
yellow determined
 Because the comm is unbearably ugly without any posts (literally - the positioning of the ads and the emptiness of the comm, yuck >.<), I'm gonna say hi and then run!!! It's your comm hekutax  after all!!!


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